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Internet Marketing FAQs 3

Q: How do I know if the rates I’m being charged for Internet Marketing are fair?

A: This is a difficult one. In this industry there are so many variations of service on offer and, to be honest, different levels of experience and expertise. So marketers have to find their own level. Usually they start by charging fairly low rates and then move up as their experience level and success rate and reputation increases. We have come across examples of fees ranging from as little as £350 up to £250,000 per annum. Some marketers will charge you literally by the hour for the work they do, much in the same way as a lawyer or accountant operate their business. Others request a minimum start-up fee along with monthly payments, some want straight annual fees payable in advance. Some even charge per web page they work on whilst others operate a ‘reward’ scheme paying them bonuses for each high ranking they achieve for a given keyword/phrase. The number of structures and options in this regard seem infinite at this moment in time.

We offer a choice to our clients – what do they want from an Internet presence? Do they want a full package of site SEO, pay per click, top SERPS, blog and web page copywriting and social media promotion? A client’s objectives and aims are discussed and assessed in detail and then we make our recommendation. We customize a plan to meet the client’s needs and the fees are agreed accordingly.

Q: What about guaranteeing high rankings in the search engines?

A: “Until the engines guarantee, we will never guarantee” – quoted by a leading internet marketer. They are quite right of course and many internet marketers require their clients to sign forms that state that there are no guarantees in work they undertake. This keeps misunderstandings down to the minimum. One analogy on this subject would be that obtaining high rankings is like predicting the weather. You have to do many things in order to have any idea about what might happen – eg. you can look at the clouds, check humidity, wind patterns, etc but you still can’t say for sure that it will actually rain! So an internet marketer can do the research, carry out optimization, build link popularity, configure secondary domains, write blogs, build social media profiles etc, and find themselves enjoying fantastic results OR that they need an umbrella because it’s raining on them!

Many people are now aware of the importance of search engines, Internet portals and directories but most do not understand how they actually function and what ‘visibility’ for business on the Internet is all about. Under the daily tide of unsolicited e-mails that come in to many companies offering success on the Internet, it is for many people a daunting task knowing how and where to begin acquiring a grasp of what is really involved.

We hope therefore that you have found the above FAQ items of some help in gaining a broader understanding of Internet Marketing and its complexities.

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