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Internet Marketing: A Profile

Our aim is to help businesses realise what the Internet can offer them and the potential of the new markets they can tap into. Since 1998, we have held the hand of many clients and guided them through the maze of factors they have to consider. Most importantly we have seen some remarkable success stories.

Effective Internet Marketing

Q: So how does a business achieve a good visibility on the web?
A:  Put simply, it is a two step process.

website development Step 1: Your Website or Your Online Retail Storefront (ebay, amazon, etsy, etc)

Website Design
A well designed and carefully thought out website is vital for any marketing strategy is to be effective. This task used to be straight forward back in 1998 when we first worked in web design but over the years, it has become increasingly complex. Currently (2020) there is a wide range of factors that make a website a good marketing tool.

For example, with Google’s claim that mobile devices generate the most search queries on their database (hence the roll-out of their mobile-first indexing algorithm in 2017), it is vitally imporant to have a responsive website. Another issue is security. It use to be that only ecommerce and financial sites needed to be secure but it is becoming a general rule. So to have the best chance of engaging a site visitor’s trust you may need to consider adding a security certificate into the equation. There are many other factors but a good web development company will be know them and be able to explain them when you discuss your website build.

Online Retail Storefront
Within all the established ecommerce platforms such as ebay and amazon, a Seller can build a storefront and many product listings. How impressive that storefront and its listings are to potential customers is vitally important. Sellers need to be as mindful of their approach to making this count as they would do if they had a stand-alone website. So, the same principles apply – use well chosen, quality graphics in all listings, entice viewers to follow through with convincing, unique details and descriptions and ensure that any ratings/feedback convey trust and professionalism.

internet marketing planStep 2: Create & Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Once the website is up and running, you need to address how readily it can be found on the Internet. What is the point of a web site that cannot be found on the first page of the main search engines? Even then, search engine visibility alone may not be enough in today’s world because a good social media presence can also be key.

Running a blog or forum or posting regular news items is also important for many types of business. We provide a dedicated and customized Internet marketing plan for our clients. Usually that includes a strong profile in Google Search (SERPS and cpc), a good visibility on the most relevant social media platforms plus a copywriting service for publications on blogs and reference websites. There are many other tasks involved in seeing through and maintaining an Internet marketing strategy and these include the study of Analytics, keyword research, competitor research, link building, rankings and backlinks checks just to mention a few.

Relevancy Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Every business has a different marketing requirement. In almost 20 years of working in this sector, we have never worked on two sites with the same marketing agenda! So when we assess potential on the Internet for a particular business, we only recommend measures that we believe will carry good value. If, for example, a client is keen on developing a Twitter profile because they use it personally and because they have heard other businesses use it, we may not agree. Our research might indicate that is unlikely to provide a good source of relevant traffic. Relevancy is key. Getting lots of traffic to a site is not difficult but if it is not relevant traffic there will be no interest and no success. Whether a business is B2B or B2C the same applies.

We always look to focus our skills, time and effort in the best possible directions. In this way we can develop long-term, fulfilling relationships with clients and see them enjoy the rewards of a truly effective website.